How to install and register a retail McAfee product -

How to install and register a retail McAfee product

Follow these steps to install and register the McAfee security product for Windows purchased in the retail box. Before beginning, please ensure all necessary resources have been assembled to assist with the installation/registration process.

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  • Remove Security Products 

If other security products are installed on your computer, uninstall them following their recommended removal steps to avoid potential conflicts or reduced performance issues. Removing them will help prevent unnecessary conflicts as well as performance degradation.

  • Check for Older McAfee Security Products

If an older McAfee product installed on your computer that matches that found on its CD is identical, keep it installed – the installer should detect an older version, bypass its installation, and allow you to renew. However, if it differs significantly, remove both versions before installing the one from the CD.

1. Unbox and locate the Quick Start guide that contains an activation code or product key. 

2. Navigate to, enter your activation code/key, and complete this step.

3. Type your activation code or product key.

Register as a new customer when prompted or log into with existing account details to access with existing credentials for McAfee account details, download the product, and follow installation steps as necessary.

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