Norton Firewall is blocking the connection. Check your firewall settings. -

Norton Firewall is blocking the connection. Check your firewall settings.

Let’s Get Your Connection Flowing Again: Dealing with Norton Firewall Blocks


Hey there! Ever tried connecting to something online, only to get hit with the classic “Norton Firewall is blocking the connection. Check your firewall settings” message? It’s like hitting a speed bump on the digital highway, right? No worries! This blog post is here to help you breeze through it and keep the online party going.
Understanding Norton Firewall: First things first, Norton Firewall is like the bouncer at the club for your computer. It’s there to keep out the riff-raff and make sure your system stays safe. But sometimes, it gets a bit too cautious and blocks something it shouldn’t. That’s where we step in to make things right.

Getting into Norton Security: Find that Norton icon (it’s usually in your system tray or on your desktop) and give it a double click. That’ll open up Norton Security.

Finding Firewall Settings Look for “Settings” inside Norton Security. Once you see it, click on “Firewall.” We’re heading into the heart of the action now.

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Spotting Blocked Programs: In the firewall settings, there’s a section called “Programme Rules” or something similar. That’s where the special stuff happens. Find the programme or connection that got the red card and needs to be back in the game.

Letting the connection through: Click on the blocked programme and tell Norton it’s cool—let it through. This way, Norton knows it’s a good guy, and the connection gets the green light.

Now comes the moment of truth. Try going back to what you were trying to connect to and checking if it works. Fingers crossed, it should be smooth sailing now.

Extra Tips:

Keep Norton updated. It’s like giving it a fresh cup of coffee to stay alert and work better with different apps.
If you’re always bumping into the same issue, think about making exceptions for specific sites or apps.


Dealing with Norton Firewall doesn’t have to be a headache. These simple steps should get you back online in no time. Just remember, staying connected is super important. And guess what? With a little bit of knowledge, you can handle any tech problem that comes your way. Easy, right? Happy surfing!

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